I'm not a professional circuit designer, I'm just a happy hack. I've gleaned a lot of information about synthesizer circuits over the years from numerous sources. None of my DIY projects would have been possible without them. Thanks to John Simonton (PAIA & Polyphony), Craig Anderton (Electronic Projects For Musicians), Thomas Henry, Barry Klein (Electronic Music Circuits), and Bernie Hutchins (Electronotes) for getting me started in synth DIY in the early 1980s. Thanks to Paul Schreiber (Synthesis Technology), Tony Allgood (Oakley Sound Systems), John Blacet (Blacet Research), and the gear-heads on the synth-diy list for restoring my interest in the 2000s.

Thanks to Dave Bradley for letting me borrow his artwork for my prototypes.

Thanks to Tom Arnold and for providing web space.

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Last updated: September 4, 2003