Cable Tree


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Last updated: August 8, 2007


This is a simple cable holder that you can build to keep your collection of patch cables off the floor. This design is based on one that Larry Hendry built several years ago. I bought all the parts for this not long after Larry posted pictures of his cable holder but only recently found time to build it.

The cable tree consists of the following components:
  • A good STRONG stand. Don't underestimate the weight of your cable collection, it could be between 50 and 100 pounds. I used a Yorkville speaker stand.
  • Several Pomona 4408 cable holders. I bought mine locally from Active Electronics but Mouser also carries them. Each 4408 can comfortably hold 50 or 60 Stooge cables. I used four holders, which should be good for at least 200 cables (I currently have 144).
  • A clamp to set the height for the lower tier. You can probably get something suitable from the same place where you get your stand. I used a spare clamp from an old A-frame keyboard stand. Make sure the clamp is the right diameter for your stand.
  • Several triangular pieces of wood (equilateral triangles 11 inches on each side) for the upper and lower tiers. I used three pieces of 0.75 inch thick MDF glued together and painted black. This was sufficient thickness to make a nice tight fit between the triangle and the speaker stand so that there's no wobble or tilt when all the cables are loaded. The lower tier has a hole cut through all three pieces of MDF (the clamp prevents it from sliding down). The hole in the upper tier does not go completely through all three pieces of MDF. Leave about 0.25 inches undrilled so that the upper tier can sit on top of the speaker stand.


cabletree_stand_s.jpg cabletree_holder_s.jpg cabletree_holder_s.jpg cabletree_triangle_s.jpg
Speaker Stand Cable Holder Clamp Triangles (underneath view)
cabletree_triholder_s.jpg cabletree_empty_s.jpg cabletree_s.jpg
Completed Tiers (top view) Cable Tree Empty Cable Tree Full