DB-800 Daughterboard for MOTM-800


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Last updated: May 31, 2012


The DB-800 is a daughterboard for the MOTM-800 EG. The DB-800 adds a comparator to the GATE input and a clipper to the output of the MOTM-800 EG. The MOTM-800 requires a relatively fast rising signal at the GATE input to generate an envelope. Slow rising signals, like the SINE output from an LFO, will not normally trigger the MOTM-800. The comparator squares up any signal at the GATE input so that any voltage rising above +1.4 volts will trigger the EG. Two optional LED drivers are also provided, one for the GATE input and another for the EG output.

Total current draw for DB-800 and MOTM-800 is 36 mA @+15V and 16 mA @-15V.


As of May 31, 2012 this daughterboard is completely sold out. Sales have been very slow for this board over the past 4 years. I have no plans to make any more of these. Thanks to everyone who bought one.


The User Guide does not contain detailed explanations on how to install parts or which kinds of solder to use. The intended audience is the experienced kit builder who is quite comfortable building a circuit from a description, a parts list, and a schematic.

DB-800 User Guide rev 1.0 (pdf)

DB-800 Schematics rev 1.0 (pdf)


DB-800_pcb_fs.jpg DB-800_pcb_bs.jpg
PCB Top View PCB Bottom View
DB-800_backs.jpg DB-800_boards.jpg DB-800_powers.jpg
Back View Board Mount Power Connection
DB-800_JP2s.jpg DB-800_JP3s.jpg
Comparator Connection Clipper Connection