TLN-388 Doctor Octopus

All information regarding this module is PRELIMINARY and very likely to change.


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Last updated: October 14, 2004


The TLN-388 Doctor Octopus is a voltage controlled function generator. Sixteen output waveforms are grouped into two sets of eight. Each set of eight outputs are phase aligned to be 45 degrees apart. One set provides ramp/sawtooth waves while the other set provides triangle/sine waves. The frequency of the output waveforms can be specified using a front panel control or via an external control voltage. A reset button returns all outputs to their startup voltage and a hold button freezes the outputs at their current voltage. The magnitude and shape of the output waveforms can be modified under voltage control or using controls on the front panel. Calibration switches are provided for aligning modules connected to the TLN-388. The TLN-388 produces 10 Vpp bipolar signals and accepts 5 volt control voltage signals (modular standard).


This module is currently in development. I have no idea when I'll get it finished.


The User Guide and schematics are not yet available.


Pictures will be available after the prototype has been built.

Sound Samples

Sound samples will be available after the prototype has been built.