TLN-712 Pictures

TLN-712_pcb1_tops.jpg TLN-712_pcb1_bots.jpg TLN-712_pcb1_fills.jpg TLN-712_pcb1_fins.jpg
PCB 1 Top View PCB 1 Bottom View PCB 1 With Parts PCB 1 Finished
TLN-712_pcb2_tops.jpg TLN-712_pcb2_bots.jpg TLN-712_pcb2_fills.jpg TLN-712_pcb2_fins.jpg
PCB 2 Top View PCB 2 Bottom View PCB 2 With Parts PCB 2 Finished
TLN-712_bracket1s.jpg TLN-712_bracket2s.jpg TLN-712_testfit1s.jpg TLN-712_testfit2s.jpg
Stooge Bracket Prep Stooge Bracket Prep Test Fit PCBs Test Fit PCBs
TLN-712_pcb2_installs.jpg TLN-712_pcb1_installs.jpg TLN-712_testfit1s.jpg TLN-712_testfit2s.jpg
PCB 2 Installed PCB 1 Installed Finished Finished
TLN-712_fin3s.jpg TLN-712_fin4s.jpg TLN-712_fin5s.jpg TLN-712_transandwichs.jpg
Finished Finished Finished Transistor Sandwich

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Last updated: July 10, 2007