TLN-774 Vulcan Doppelganger

All information regarding this module is PRELIMINARY and very likely to change.


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Last updated: Octyober 14, 2004


The TLN-774 Vulcan Doppelganger is a four channel voltage controlled logic delay module. Much more than just a simple gate delay, this module acts like a digital delay line for logic signals. Each channel is independent and features: a logic input jack, a logic output jack, a front panel control for setting the initial delay time, a voltage control input for modulating the delay time, and an LED to indicate the output level (high or low). A reset button clears the delay line and returns all outputs to a low level. A range switch selects both the maximum delay time and the sampling resolution. The TLN-774 produces 10 volt logic signals and accepts 5 volt control voltage signals (modular standard).

November 16, 2003 Update

This module has undergone extensive redesign. The description above and picture to the left are obsolete. The new design is much more interesting than just a simple logic delay. This page will be updated with a correct description and picture once the prototype has been built.


This module is currently in development. I have no idea when I'll get it finished.


The User Guide and schematics are not yet available.


Pictures will be available after the prototype has been built.

Sound Samples

Sound samples will be available after the prototype has been built.