Blacet Research Dark Star Chaos Mods

Front panel by Stooge Panels.


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Last updated: January 24, 2003

1. Change LED Brightness

Changed R43 from 1K to 330 ohm to increase the brightness of the green Lumex LED (standard MOTM style LED). 330 ohm is the same value used in the MOTM-700 module to drive a green Lumex LED from a +5 volt source. The DSC also uses +5 volts to drive the LED.

2. Enable GATE Pushbutton

Added a 1N4148 diode in series between the GATE jack and J5 on the PCB (anode connected to GATE jack). This mod is necessary to allow the GATE pushbutton to remain functional when an external signal is plugged into the GATE jack. Without this extra diode, pin 9 of U7 cannot rise up high enough to trigger the Dark Star Chaos when the signal at the GATE jack is low even if the GATE pushbutton is pressed because R29 and R31 act as a voltage divider between +5 volts and the input signal.


3. Add Dave Bradley's DSC Mods

  • Add voltage control of Attack and Decay/Release times to the Dark Star
  • Continuously gate the Dark Star ON
  • Bring out the filtered noise clock as a separate CV output
  • Increase the output level
Dave Bradley's DSC Modifications.