Blacet Research / Wiard Synthesizer Miniwave Mods

Front panel by Stooge Panels.


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Last updated: September 7, 2004

1. Change Wave and Bank CV Gain

Larry Hendry came up with the original idea for this modification. Like Larry, I wanted to be able to sweep the entire range of waves and banks using the raw output from an MOTM-800 EG. In order to make it easier for my tiny brain to correlate the gain based on the knob setting, I added 68K resistors in parallel with the 100K resistors in RN5 (pins 3 & 4) and RN6 (pins 5 & 6). This provides an effective resistance of about 40K which produces a maximum gain of 2.5 for the Wave CV and Bank CV inputs. In other words:

Gain = Knob Setting / 4

Knob Setting Gain
0.0 0.0
2.0 0.5
4.0 1.0
6.0 1.5
8.0 2.0
10.0 2.5

Larry Hendry's Miniwave modifications.

2. Add ROM Expander and CV PROM Selection

Added Dave Hylander's Miniwave expansion board and Larry Hendry's voltage controlled PROM selection circuit.