Synthesis Technology MOTM-110 Mods


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Last updated: March 2, 2003

1. Calibrate GAIN and CV MOD Controls

Larry Hendry has a detailed procedure for adjusting the VCA so that the GAIN and CV MOD pots will match up with the front panel markings. I performed this procedure on two MOTM-110s and came up with the following values for R1, R5, and R26:

VCA #1 VCA #2
R1 48.2K 49.1K
R5 57.5K 55.2K
R26 38.4K 40.6K

I used 47K resistors for R1, 56K resistors for R5, and 39K resistors for R26 by measuring with a DVM and choosing the closest match from my stock of 5% resistors.

Larry Hendry's MOTM-110 tuneup procedure.