MUUB Daughterboard


The Multi-Use Universal Buffer (MUUB) is a general purpose daughterboard that can be used to add additional circuitry to MOTM, Oakley, Blacet, or almost any synthesizer module. The MUUB printed circuit board (PCB) has provisions for a four-pin MTA-156 power connector, ferrite beads, and bypass capacitors for powering your circuit. The remainder of the board contains space for op-amps, resistors, capacitors, trimmers, diodes, and wire pads. The MUUB PCB is available in three configurations:

  • MUUB-2 has space for one dual op-amp
  • MUUB-4 has space for two dual op-amps
  • MUUB-3 has space for one dual op-amp and a general purpose area with six uncommited power busses and plenty of plated through holes for additional circuitry

The User Guide explains how the MUUB-4 can be used to recreate the functionality of the discontinued DB-320 daughterboard that adds inverted outputs to the MOTM-320 LFO.

MUUB is a group effort by Richard Brewster, Larry Hendry, and Scott Juskiw.


All MUUBs are sold out.


The User Guide does not contain detailed explanations on how to install parts or which kinds of solder to use. The intended audience is the experienced kit builder who is quite comfortable building a circuit from a description, a parts list, and a schematic.

MUUB User Guide rev 2.0 (pdf)

MUUB-2 Schematics rev 1.0 (pdf)

MUUB-3 Schematics rev 1.0 (pdf)

MUUB-4 Schematics rev 1.0 (pdf)


muub2_tops.jpg muub2_bots.jpg
MUUB-2 PCB Top View MUUB-2 PCB Bottom View
muub4_tops.jpg muub4_bots.jpg
MUUB-4 PCB Top View MUUB-4 PCB Bottom View
muub3_tops.jpg muub3_bots.jpg
MUUB-3 PCB Top View MUUB-3 PCB Bottom View

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Last updated: March 14, 2017