Synthesis Technology MOTM-800 Mods


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Last updated: February 28, 2004

1. Add DB-800 Daughterboard

Information regarding the DB-800 daughterboard can be found here.

2. Use Violet LED For EG Output

I chose a single violet LED to monitor the EG output with the DB-800 daughterboard. I wasn't able to find a violet LED that matched the kind supplied with MOTM modules so I made my own. I bought a violet 5 mm LED (Digikey #67-1830-ND) and used a belt sander to remove the dome (a dremel also works). I had some red LEDs that matched the kind supplied with MOTM modules (Digikey #67-1155-ND). I removed the red LED and kept the plastic shell. I had to remove some tiny standoffs in the bottom of the plastic shell to get the violet LED to sit as low as possible in the shell. Finally, I attached some heat shrink tubing to the LED leads to keep it from sliding forward in the shell. The end result looks (and works) great.

The picture at left doesn't show the true colour of the LED (it looks much too bright in the picture). To my eyes, the LED is a dark violet, rather like a purple version of midnight-blue.